WoW retail calendar endpoint?


Hello there.

I’ve seen that a 11-yo ticket is asking for the agenda endpoint, and the latest release of WOW Companion include the agenda + ability to answer to those events.

So I assume there is an available endpoint, but can’t find it.

I want to build a discord bot that will tell to guildmates once a new event is added.

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Unfortunately it was never implemented, the only available endpoints are the ones described here:


So I guess this thread will be the necro of this thread ( “Can I access calendar data?”).

At one point it stated that this was something that was being worked on, but the thread has since been purged of any trace of that. With the new ecosystem of Discord servers with bots and whatnot, this sort of integration is more needed than ever before.

The fact that WoW doesn’t have it is very disappointing, and gives me the impression that the underlying systems are showing their age. It could also be a case of a strategic decision, rather than a technical limitation, but this is all speculation on my part.

Bottom line; we really want this!


First of all, we really need an endpoint for calendar. We live in 2019, Blizzard should be ashamed.

Until today I was using the page /vault/character/event to parse calendar informations myself (I’m not allowed to post links).

To my surprise, the vault/character/event page give me a 404 error or redirect to the home page since this morning.
I really hope this is a temporary error and not a decision from Blizzard to close this page, since it still had the old design.

If it’s not an error, having an endpoint is mandatory.