WoW Profile returns 404


I’m the developer of Guilds of WoW. People sign in the web application via their Battle.Net profile and WoW profile. Normally this process works but one of the accounts receive a 404 error. Account has active characters and has logged-in after pre-patch.

I can give you access token in private if you like but this is the response that I get;

https :// eu .api. blizzard. com/ profile/ user/ wow?locale=en_GB&namespace=profile-eu&access_token=EU…

“code”: 404,
“type”: “BLZWEBAPI00000404”,
“detail”: “Not Found”

Waiting for your response, thanks…

If this is a bug only a blue can help, however there are two other things you can look into:

  • Check if this account have the option for sharing data with 3rd party developers enabled.
  • Make sure the token you receive actually has the wow.profile scope as the user might have unchecked that option during the first authorization request.
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Hello Schiller,

I was redirecting users to mitigate the second item you mentioned but didn’t know that there was another permission for 3rd party developers. Enabling that fixed the issue.

Now I’ve changed my page to inform users about this situation also.

Thanks & take care…

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Hi Nhea,
Hope you’re doing well.
Can you tell me where can I check the 3rd party option please?
Thanks in advance

Hello ShinyHero, sorry I don’t check here very often. You should visit your account privacy options and navigate to “Game Data And Profile Privacy” for allowing 3rd party developers.

account. blizzard. com/privacy