WoW, Profile API, Character PvP Bracket Statistics

Hello everyone,
first, big thanks to developers for making possible to interact with data
and to community for participating

My question is about this endpoint

Character PvP Bracket Statistics
GET /profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/pvp-bracket/{pvpBracket}

I use this endpoint to get current rating for player, right now this endpoint accept 1 of 3 bracket tag “{pvpBracket}” ( 2v2, 3v3, rbg ), so if i need to get data about all brackets for player, i should do 3 requests, this looks kinda not ok
i looked also few others endpoints what conceptual can help me, but here was no data about current rating

possible, this endpoint should be used differently or maybe someone know about other endpoint?

if this remaining to be as i thinking, what you think about idea to improve this endpoint, that will accept one or multiple bracket tags

like a GET array, brackets[]=2v2&brackets[]=3v3
or maybe a string 2v2+3v3, etc

thanks for your time

Right now the only way to get the brackets information is individually. I’m pretty sure it’s a design decision since it’s the same with the other endpoints too.

I noticed this as well, doesn’t make much sense for 3 api calls for such a small amount of information, but meh what can we do.