Wow price suggestion, for stonks

Hello man,
For the context i’m 15 yo, so i have no job ^^. Since my 8 years i like World of warcraft, but i never really played it because the price is SOOOOOOOO HIGHT for a child with no mentual money gained.
I have a suggestion, is to make 2 new options of subscription, one subs only for realm wow and or one subs option for clasic.
Exemple :
Realm only / subs : price -%20 (its exemple)
Clasic only / subs : price -%60
I think this can make to touch more people for come on the game because price lower than now, 6 month 60 euro/1 years 120, ??? In my point its hight for young guy like me and for people study with low money in bank :confused:
No joke if you add this to the shop i’ll just be so haaaaaaappppyyyyyy

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