WoW Moonkin Hatchling

Good evening Blizzard,

I am a returning player excited for Shadowlands but I have a big problem. You see, the Moonkin Festival is today in the World of Warcraft, and while I am ecstatic to have 5 Moonkin Hatchlings following me around for 5 days, I am equally sad that I cannot permanently adopt one of these critters. I heard you used to be able to buy one of these adorably miniature boom chickens from the pet shop but have apparently been retired for a while, and so I have regrettably missed my opportunity. In honor of the Moonkin Festival, I humbly request you add the Moonkin Hatchling pet back to the pet shop as soon as possible. My booms are never quite as loud without a little echo by my side :frowning:

With Hope,
Beakin @ Whisperwind