WoW - looking for a tutorial for consuming datas

Hello all,

i signed in in the portal because I would like to retrieve caracter stats like this page:


I try to rebuild this request : eu_api_blizzard_com/profile/wow/character/{realmslug}/{character_name}/statistics?namespace=profile-eu&locale=en_GB&access_token={token_number}

First, i understand that I need to create a token but i fail in this step :confused:

i use php server with curl as library ON.

Maybe someone has simple php token creation in the bag ?
or an example to provide the json file for stats ?
or an example to use php api builded by the community ?

thanks you for understanding.


There you go: OAuth2 client credentials implementations

Hello Schiller,

  • languages : php

thanks you.

i received an error 500.

i guess i need to setup my http server accordingly ?


i can generate the token by updating the Redirects URLs andService URL.
i will continue my learning :slight_smile: