WOW I POSTED, DID I NOT!? BATTLE.NET broken keeps dropping in percentage during installation, i have had bug after glitch after computer fire, you guys used to have a reputation, but lately i have had no end of issues with your software.


Hey there cheddarguy,

Thank you for taking the time to report this here! We aren’t currently aware of any server-side issues that would prevent the Desktop App from installing as normal, however, we’re happy to help determine what is causing problems in this case. If you haven’t already, I would recommend first trying the steps here.

i have run myself ragged through those steps.

i installed and it will not re-install.

cheddarguy I just read that blizzard’s BattleNet is under a DDOS attack once again… This is not localized to the (US or just Europe) Lots of people from all around the Earth was “logged out/timed out” of Battle Net and can’t get back in currently. As a person that purchase Blizzard software I would recommend that 3 key areas could be improved greatly 1) Cyber Security 2) I suggest a fresh pair of eyes regarding MW and Vanguard Software Assurance/Patch Management and Software Life Cycle issues… 3) Get a real anti-Cheat System and yes keep the cleaver work around if you wish but we need solid solutions that work and scale.


yeah but the installer was broken before then