WoW hardcore death replay

Incase you die due to a random disconnection or whatever may occur, a short death replay would be cool for us normal people who don’t record our gameplay 24/7 to save our hero.

Like a 1minute replay before death would help decide if it was, “true death”

I know Diablo has a hardcore that doesn’t care about youre death but leveling in that with a little help is super simple, in WoW, its a lot of time and we the people would love some insurance to some degree

Also if you go offline to avoid death, a smart bot should be created to review the replay because the new rule would be to be teleported back to hearthstone for a review, " if d/c in middle of a fight to ban cheaters" (its the best i could come up with, that way blizzard doesnt have to spend tons of money handling those issues all day long)