Wow - Guild API - search guild 404

Hello, I can’t find my guild, I have a 404 error.

My parameter :
:region eu
{realmSlug} hyjal
{nameSlug} zarink-and-deltaca-ltd
namespace dynamic-eu
locale fr_FR

someone would have an explanation ?

Seems to work just fine when try it through the API documentation with your parameters.

Can you come back with some more information on how you are doing the request?

I use the API documentation with the parameters.
Request : data/wow/guild/hyjal/zarink-and-deltaca-ltd?namespace=dynamic-eu&locale=fr_FR&access_token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
The response :
“code”: 404,
“type”: “BLZWEBAPI00000404”,
“detail”: “Not Found”

What about the HTTP connection ?

The URI data/wow/guild/hyjal/zarink-and-deltaca-ltd?namespace=dynamic-eu&locale=fr_FR&access_token= seems valid, but your connection must also be on EU region.


If you still get errors try including a trace of the whole HTTP communication (excluding tokens of course).

yes this is my url.

yet I use the blizzard client on

namespace must be profile-eu