WOW Gift... Not needed and not wanted

I couldn’t care less and would rather get my face run over by a steam roller then play WOW. Wish i could delete this DOG$#!+ GIFT.

The community in this game sucks. Ask for help and no one ever replies. Cant learn anything from players. So keep your poisoned game gift Blizzard. WOW is worthless and I would rather play Diablo 3 cause when you ask you do get help and players do reply.

Holy high maintenance troglodyte. It freaking expires. Are you going to be okay? Do you need us to call someone?

Not to mention no one associated with the launcher is involved in giving gifts. Go stomp your feet in the wow forums where the people who make the gifting decisions live.

Bad spelling, bad etiquette, bad attitude. Sounds like the WoW community is dodging a bullet with your absence.