WoW: getItem endpoint and .isAuctionable

Hello! So everyone, who is old enough and experienced with API (the world of warcraft part of it) remembers that item /data/wow/item/{itemId} endpoint returns a isAuctionable: boolean key:value pair.

As for now, it doesn’t. I notify the devs, (and not just me alone) about it, but it seems that this is not prioritized problem. I understand that it’s only my problem for now, and it seems that I should found a solution before upcoming Shadowlands expansion goes live.

So I am asking the community, where can I found a such data? In which tables at and what flag/column I should looking at? Or maybe Erorus, who has a watchful eye over every inch of his newsstand empire can share such information. In which table (of his public part of database) this data can be found in boolean format?

My use case (if someone is interesting in):

With the help of recipe endpoint I could finally evaluate items. The only problem that as for now, I don’t know what item has a market evaluation method. I mean, I should check every item from auction snapshot and mark is as is_auctionable: true. If I have a prepared list with item_ids and isAuctionable, I could easily request auction data for every such item.

Instead of checking every-item-one-by-one…

I’m not really into the AH part of the API, but perhaps this list can help a little:⚡/0763cbd132b9e611

It uses data available on the preview_item portion of item data to filter only bind on use/equip items and exclude those with limited duration. I believe this is not a complete list, but might save you some time.

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Yeah, I remember you by this druid-healer-old-tree-form avatar in discord, I was asking the same question to you long time ago. :wink: I have already used it! To be honest I don’t have problem with BFA (and previous expansions) for now.

The real trouble is shadowlands items in future/on release. I mean even if shadowlands comes live tomorrow, I still should crawl for every item on each auction house timestamp or via wowqeury for loot type, instead of forming table once, like:

  id       | isAuctionable
256759           true
256783           false

via item endpoint.

I don’t know what Blizzard used, but I just considered every item auctionable except for BoP (and quest-binding, which is pretty much the same) items.

Schiller makes a good point about limited-duration items, like conjured mage water, so you might want to look for a conjured flag and a duration on items and consider items with either of those as not-auctionable.

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So let’s mark Schiller answer as a solution. I am also found pretty curious information in itemsparse item, for example IS_MILLABLE and IS_DISENCNANT flags, old StackSize information and… AT LAST: item expansion_id