WoW Crashes Machine since last update

Since the last WoW TBC Classic update, my computer freezes and entirely crashes when I attempt to use the launcher to open WoW TBC Classic. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling WoW multiple times I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling I have tried deleting all WoW/Blizzard related files from my computer and reinstalling WoW afterwards.

When I load up WoW TBC Classic, the application begins to load in, but freezes almost immediately - often before the text inputs have fully become opaque. I am unable to force quit the application, the entire machine becomes unresponsive, so I have to do a hard shut down of the machine (holding down the power button for a couple of seconds).

After I start the machine back up and log back in, an error msg appears on the screen with the wow logo next to a warning sign. The warning message reads:

ComandLine Parse error: psn_0_49164(0): invalid argument: psn_0_49164

I am attempting to run WoW on a MacBook Pro macOS 10.15.7 with 16gb of RAM and 200+gb of hard drive space. I believe my machine has good enough specs to run WoW TBC Classic.

I have exactly the same problem - there is something wrong with the new patch for Mac users. I was worried it was my machine but this 100% confirms there’s something that’s gone wrong

Mac user here. wherever region I go, the watergraphics are messed up. especially zangarmarshs. I see no textures, only coloured areas where water should be.

1-20-2022 at 12:10 PM - PST


In WoW Mac Technical Support Forum here:

The above Thread talks in depth about this issue. However; being the WoW Forum, you MUST be of “Level 10 Character to post here”. Since I do NOT have a Level 10 Character, I have never posted in that Forum.

If you decide to go into that Forum, look for posts by Tiapriestess and Omegal. These are experienced users, NOT Blizzard employees. These two people are MOST informative, and usually have answers. I don’t believe either one has posted in the above mentioned Thread, yet; but Drakuloth, (a Blizzard employee “Blue poster”), has posted in this Thread.

Good luck, God Bless.



When posting in the WoW Forum, it’s best to also post your System Specs. (Model, OS Ver, System RAM, HD or SSD, and Video Card/GPU.) IF MacBook Pro, for GPU, be aware that these systems typically have BOTH built-in Intel Video, AND Discrete AMD/ATI Video; please post BOTH GPUs when posting System Specs. (There seems to be a recent issue, (also recurring issue), of some AMD/ATI GPU specific graphics’ problems related to Apple Drivers NOT playing well with Blizzard.)


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