Wow classic reporting ninjas in random dungeon finder

Why is there no follow up for players that ninja loot in dungeons? i can screenshot and put in a ticket and after waiting 4 days recieve a reply and they say theres nothing they can do. what happened to keeping classic wows community respectable? i was very pro rdf tool, and stopped playing when they said it wasnt going to be in. ive come back because they put it in the game. i have 0 problem quitting again if theres no support for cross server ninjas and knowing that they cant be reprimanded for being a ninja. thanks again blizzard for not being able to show concern and help a player that pays his subscription!

This article covers the policies on “Ninja Looting”.

In WoW Classic there are multiple loot methods that allow you to manage loot directly. For this reason, Customer Support will not redistribute loot in the event of a dispute between players. Scamming other players is a violation of our World of Warcraft game policies. We will investigate any reports of scamming that we receive and take the appropriate action, removing gains and penalizing those who violate this policy as needed. Items and gold will not be redistributed in these cases.

Blizzard does not get involved in loot disputes. If the game mechanics let someone roll on an item, then they are not breaking any game rules. It may be a jerk move, but not against the rules. They are allowed to roll on it for any reason, or no reason, if the game allows it. That includes gold, transmog, or DE.

If someone has engaged in a scam, then that can be reported and the GMs will investigate. Loot may be removed from the scammer and the scammer penalized, but GMs do not re-distribute gold or loot to other players.

Blizzard will never tell you what they do to someone else’s account. They also don’t accept screen shots or anything else from players because sadly they can be edited and faked. They only use their own server logs.

These policies have been in place since WoW release.

If you wish to make a suggestion that Blizzard change the WoW loot policies, or change the polices regarding reporting others, you are free to use the in-game suggestion feature or post on the WoW forums.