WOW character media not updating

I already asked this question on the Blizzard Dev discord, but it seems that the character media are not updating properly. In the documentation it is written that media update should happen at character logout. I was told that this is not always the case and the update can take up to 2 hours to register. But the media of my characters are not updating at all - several days pass and there is still no change, so I assume this is either a bug or something was changed and wasn’t communicated properly (at least I couldn’t find anything. Can I get a clarification? Thanks.

One of my characters was bugged once, and I didn’t get any armory updates on that character until I transferred it to another realm, then it fixed itself. Finding someone who can help with oddities like this is impossible it seems.

This is not one of my characters being bugged, everything is updating properly (equipment, mounts, pets) except for the media (the render of the character that the Armory shows). As far as I know, I’m not the only one experiencing this issue - I asked a few people and their character media are not updating as well, that is why I assume it must be a bug.

Which of these asset URLs are you using?

Just for an example, my character’s media ( Ortall - Auchindoun ) hasn’t been updated in over a week now. Model isn’t updated in the official armory too.

There’s definitely some kind of problem going on with the medias.

Yeah, looks like hxxps:// (and others) were last modified on March 23, along with the /profile/wow/character/auchindoun/ortall/character-media endpoint. The equipment endpoint for that character was modified today.

can confirm this is still an issue for my characters on the api as well