WoW Armory - Requesting a fix for the Achievements page

The achievement page on the armory has been displaying wrong information since the launch of the Shadowlands pre-patch.

There is a 10 achievement point discrepancy between in-game and the armory, the armory is showing 10 less achievement points for me than in-game, some achievement might either still be giving points in-game while it shouldn’t or the armory is not accounting for one.

It is currently impossible to achieve 100% in Expansion Features. The armory assumes that it is possible to display all the covenant specific achievements at once on a single character. This is not the case, I am currently only missing two achievements under Expansion Features and it is saying I only have 92% while it should be 99%.

I hope this can be resolved soon as those two achievements are the only achievements I’m currently missing that gives points, would be nice to have it say 100% when I’m done. :slight_smile: