WoW Armory not showing parts of website in Firefox Developer

Hello, I have problem displaying character armory web pages correctly,
Talents do not display at all, no text, no icons.

Problem occurs in Firefox Developer Edition (yes, i tried disabling all addons, themes, protection settings etc.).
Problem does not occur in Microsoft Edge.
Happens on all characters I inspect, also Item tooltips do not show at all.

Example image:

Edit: Doesn’t work for other tabs like Achievements, Collections etc., see below

The Problem is still there. And not only on the Firefox Developer Edition. Also on the default release version of Firefox (currently 77.0.1) doesn’t work on Linux or Windows 10. Same Problems as OP described. Armory Sites are only useable in Chromium Engine Browsers… this is really annoying.

Greetings nodq & Pepe,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue, and thank you for reporting it to us.

Can you please provide specifics about which character this issue is occurring for? We were unable to reproduce the issue on our end.

In the future, we ask and recommend these issues be reported through the World of Warcraft website feedback forums when possible.

Thank you