WoW API showing less achievement points than what's in-game


I received a report from a user that the achievement points shown in the API and on the armory was 10 less than what they saw in-game. I checked one of my own characters and saw the same problem. This may have been happening since the new covenant upgrade achievements were hotfixed in.

Example API Calls:

Notice that achievement_points says 35,120, but in-game I have 35,130. I made sure to logout and exit game to make sure it wasn’t just a delay in updating the API stats.

Thank you!

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I wanted to add to this. For my character, the difference isn’t 10 points, but 30. So the size of the “point offset” bug is either growing or can vary. My character is Vaugn on Kilrogg-US, if that helps investigate the issue.

For a long time now, there has been a difference between the number in play and what the API returns