WoW and Philips Hue

Dear developers,

I’d like to develop an app / add-on that controls my Philips Hue lights according to the zone my character is in.

For example, when being in Elwynn at high noon, the Hue lights would show a perfect-blue sky and green grass.

For this I need the current (live) zone the player is in. Even better would be if an add-on could render the current environment to an off-screen canvas and fetch the colors from there.

I have not found suitable API functions for that. Do you think this could be done somehow?

Thanks in advance!

This forum is for Blizzard Web APIs and has nothing to do with the game client. Probably the best forum to ask this qustion is the WoW UI and Macro forum.

Also the web API does not expose real time data, so you can’t get the actual current zone using them.

This is a pretty cool idea! Not sure about the Blizzard API, but I did write a C# program to control my hue lights if you need any help on the HUE Api portion.

thanks for the advice, actually there already is a thread on that topic! I’ll continue the discussion there.