WoW 2 idea @blizzard read me

Hello Blizzard,

Thank you for listening to the community in regard to the season of discovery announcement. I appreciate the open mindedness to whomever gives the green light to these projects. When the idea of legacy servers was shot down many years ago it looked bleak for us vanilla enjoyers. At that time, I was a private server refugee on Nostalrius. When the day came when Classic wow was announced it made me realize that there is some way to have our voices heard and I thank you all for that. I don’t know what’s in the works for the future of wow, but it seemed to be hinted by Chris Metzen that a conclusion was on the horizon. This got me thinking that perhaps an entirely new version of wow was being brainstormed.

Lend me your ears once more. I feel the future of wow will determine the future of the mmo genre. Just as how original wow revolutionized the genre and internet way back when, a new wow could do the same. In order to usher in this new golden age of gaming, a brave company(blizzard) will have to make the investment in developing the technology where everyone can exist in one world. I dream of an mmo game where everyone is on one server and can interact with each other in one place with little to no lag. Yes I know it’s unrealistic, but it is a vision of something great that would undoubtedly change the way gaming works. Imagine the millions of wow players all in one Azeroth. Imagine no more having to deal with dead servers, capped servers, layering, and any other technical problem that has become a barrier.

One day this idea will manifest and when that days comes we will experience next age of gaming.

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I too share @Palladino sentiments about trying to keep the mmo genre moving and progressing. I hope with SoD this will help everyone see how many players are still loyal to WoW and are willing to try the new things put before them. New friend making, new challenges to undertake, and even reliving old struggles.(bag space) lol.

I too would like to throw some considerations out there toward some rune making. What if there were runes that made a hunter a tank through SV spec. Or a healer through BM spec. Those talent trees are already on their way towards that possibility. Or giving a warrior a 3rd spec with the ability to buff its party member’s similarly too the drakthyr. I understand their is already a story lines and progression’s setup for the 3 phases of SoD. I hear that their is an idea to help players keep their toons. On that note, what if instead of following the current “classic” expansions there is a discovery expansion of it’s own. If you’re gonna reimagine a game, then let’s reimagine it. Thank you for allowing a place for us to share our thoughts.

On a side note. If you truly want the runes to be discovered. Then why do all of the forums already know how to get them? I would imagine as the levels get harder, figuring out HOW should be too. Also, maybe not advertising certain capabilities of that class. I know it was awesome telling Locks & Rogues they could tank and Mages they could be healers. But did you also know, Mages were tanks especially in Maraduan runs.

Playing since Orcs & Humans, the stories have only gotten better over the year’s.
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