Would you welcome CAPTCHA to create or join games? Bots can't

When creating or joining a game, there’s a 10% chance of needing to enter a CAPTCHA code. Without a human present, this will put a MAJOR slowdown on the botting. Use the advertisement banner area to display the code since it’s not being used anymore.

Also make it a 100% requirement after your 10% chance rolls to avoid cancelling and creating another game.

Perhaps after several successful CAPTCHA entries, a grace period of a couple of hours is given before requiring another.

I would welcome it. What do you think?

Included joining games and 100% requirement to avoid game recreation dodge. -Shakyamuni

The CAPTCHA would be simple, requiring perhaps four characters, which should be sophisticated enough to throw off homebrew bots. -Bitler


great idea…there are so many simple ways to prevent bots. Even a simple warden reactivation…


this is a good idea, however, bots will just join other people’s games… there are bots that already do this.

So we should implement captcha for creation and joining of games.

since casual players don’t want to be bothered by captchas, they should only activate captcha for IP addresses that have exceeded a certain number of s/e per hour. If you’re running 4 minute baal bots, that would be 15 s/e per hour.


If you made it a 10% chance the bot could easily just recreate the game.

it should be based on number of s/e per hour. Legit players aren’t joining over 15 games per hour (unless they are doing some serious muling), and in that case, they’d be obliged to undergo a slight inconvenience for the greater good of d2 multiplayer.

But it seems like there might be some surprise [8] coming up in a couple of days, so let’s just wait and see.


No, that would be just as bad as the time out if you play too fast…

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Only problem with that is, when a bot fails to join a game it just sits there for x seconds and trys again, all it would do is slow it down a tad, would still do 1000s of runs more than a human player

Amended: 100% requirement for CAPTCHA when chance rolls regardless if you cancel or wait.


I was at first like WTF? But then read your full posts and the thread to date. For me, and my low end computer network, CAPTCHA could be extremely annoying when it loads slowly. I also wouldn’t like to see legit players getting penalized for muleing.

I won’t endorse this idea, but I also will not dismiss it out of hand, either, because I can see where, if properly implemented, it could indeed be an improvement over current online play.

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It wouldn’t be very much extra data, it is literally a small picture that is maybe 5KB in size, then just entering a small passphrase. A full 800x600 Jpeg (the full Diablo 2 screen) is around 30-50KB.

This is just a brainstorming session. If the thread becomes popular and maybe catches the eye of a sympathetic Blizzard employee who shares our passion for Diablo 2, maybe that could serve as the nudge needed to get the ball rolling on fixing this major problem.


is this guy for real?

Yes Adam, I am for real. Let me ask you, do you use more than one computer when browsing the internet? How about playing D2? Any of your computers low end, refurbished machines, that take 5+ seconds just to open up the email program?

On the topic of this thread, some CAPTCHA stuff uses just simple alphanumeric fields, which are usually fairly fast, while other forms load up a grid of tiny images and require a user to take a look at each tiny image, and click on all that have the required content to move forward, and these images, on my home network/slow computers with a weak ISP, take 10+ seconds to open up, depending on the load.

I’ll continue to like, and post in this thread, just to keep it alive and current, because I like the idea of threads where folks are looking for ways to improve the gaming experience, whether that is for all D2 play, online only play, or offline play.

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dude thats just sad.
why you only send 50$ on your PC?

“dude thats just sad.”

We each have a single voice, which alone isn’t enough to sway the decisions of those that have the power to make changes. Yet if enough of us join together, we form a chorus which stands out and is heard clearly. It’s a great way of promoting change.

Squabbling over our differences is counter-productive, the chorus is unable to sing. It’s his business on why he has those computers.
Lets keep things civil, please.

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Not a rich dude, but still wanting 8 player games of D2. The refurbished computers I bought cost less than $100 each, but then there is the additional $20 each for D2/LOD, and then the KVM and cables and such, not to mention the monitors.

All told, for those 6 computers, I probably didn’t spend more than $800 or thereabouts, and that may not be all that much for most folks, it was more than I could really afford, but like I said, I wanted my 8 player games. I realize that $800 could have gotten me a semi-good PC instead, but that would mean just 3 player games, and I still wouldn’t have anything like a high end computer.

I don’t usually mind all that much that I am poor, and have a bad ISP.

just Invest like 300-400$ in a decent PC.
and keep your low end internet connection because as long as its stable the speed doesn’t matter to much.
its worth it man, <100$ PC isn’t very us-full

Just make a captha happen randomly during gameplay…problem solved

Unfortunately I don’t think that would go over too well with the majority of people, myself included. I think during game creation/joining is the correct point where the CAPTCHA needs to be.

“we feel this is unethical as captcha’s discriminate against visually impaired”


Why do I get the impression that 3 of the commentators in this thread are all the same person and that person has been playing this schizophrenic forum game for years? And by years I mean as far back as the original D2 forum.

Not sure… Back on topic, any thoughts on the idea? Please share anything you have to offer.