WOTLK DEVS: STOP holding out on your players

I’m sorry but I’m sick and tired of being treated like a child. We are in PHASE 2 of wrath. There is no reason to still not allow server transfers or toon boosts on “new player” servers.

Seriously, what is the worst that can happen by opening up the servers? OH NO, there will be lots of 80s! If anything it puts more people on the servers, which are DYING and need help. This isn’t phase 1. Guilds are already struggling to fill Ulduar rosters.

I’m on Maladath and it has lost 5K people in the last couple weeks, because people are transferring off the server in droves to more populated servers, all because the devs are being stubborn, lazy, incompetent and emotional. Maladth is down to only 1400 horde players. The population is dying and the devs literally don’t give a crap. It’s a money grab and it’s obvious.

Open up the servers. Many people paid for these boosts and server transfers. If you didn’t want it, you shouldn’t have allowed us to purchase those things in the first place.

And what’s worse is that you enabled the character boost on the title screen and then still gatekeep it with an indiscernible error to trick people. It’s clearly a money grab. You weren’t honest in the beginning and now you’re trying to milk it to force players to pay for server transfers they never wanted because the servers are dying and aren’t allowed to have people transfer to them to help with the population problem.

The Devs are insanely negligent and their reasoning makes no sense. It’s clearly a money scam. They just spew the same company line over. “Well, we said 90 days OR MORE, therefor we can just hold out forever because 1000 days is more than 90…” while the servers are dying and they don’t care 1 iota for the people who pay their salary by subscribing to the game and playing for such perks which are being denied irrationally.

Time to stop holding out on your players and stop scamming money from them. Time to start treating adults like adults. Did maga take over blizzard when I wasn’t looking or something? This is pathetic.


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