World of Warcraft Guild Locations

Hey Y’all,
I’ve always wounder why there has not been a feature for guilds to have a their own location.
We know one of the reasons for classic wow was brought to us and that is to bring back community stuff, well in that same breathe why not add something to wow for the guilds that in different spots in Azeroth where a guild could claim a town where getting achievements would unlock more features to the town like a portal room for going to a capital city or even maybe auction house or things along that line. Blizzard already can do phasing out people that are on different time lines so one location can be used by more then one guild. There’s more things that could be done to make it a big part of the game play and even to make that a topic when talking about WoW. Also how cool would it be to have a big message board in the middle of a guild town with upcoming raids or even just a stats from the last raid that GMs and officers could use to help keep the guild up to date.


I have been wondering the same thing!.. why not allow the GM to be able to choose from a few looks for the guild hall interior, such as Troll, Human, Tauren, Dwarf, Undead, Night Elf, etc. and when you join a guild you gain an ability that ports you to your guild hall and when you use the ability again, it takes you back to the location you left from???.. for RP purposes, you could say the entrance is hidden at a particular location in-game and you have to travel to that location before using your guild hall porting ability if you wanted more immersion.
I think this would be a great way to allow cross-faction Guilds as well. GM’s could select to have the guild be cross-faction in the guild tab somewhere and be able to invite characters from either faction. With the new cross-faction instances coming up, they could allow the guild hall to act as any other instance for cross-faction purposes, but in the outside world it would be the same as it is currently planned.
Since cross-faction Guilds are more about the RP aspect of cooperation between factions, blizzard could make it so cross-faction Guilds were only available on RP servers/realms.
Anyway… just my thoughts atm.

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you may have guilds be more social if they can stand around and see their fellow guildys too. instead of individual place like covens and garrisons, all work and daily quests should be obtained at your Guild hall. Also having an area with personal houses and Armor racks would be very nice so we can display our favorite armors.