World of Warcraft account is blocked by mistake

Hello, Blizzard.
I am a player from China. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since about 2006. This year because of the closure of Blizzard China, came to Asia to continue to explore Azeroth. But two of my accounts were shut down for no reason. I am a normal gamer, I did not use any illegal script plugins during the game, and I am not a studio. Just in the game to do normal tasks, copy and collection, was suddenly blocked, and shut down my two accounts, which is unfair, but also to the Asian service to continue the World of Warcraft Chinese players discrimination. I still hope Blizzard can seriously review my game data and give unblocked support, thank you

When a game license is closed for violating the game rules, an email is sent to the email registered for the account. That gives you the general reason for the closure.

If you wish to appeal, you need to do that through a ticket. Blizzard Support - Appealing a Silence, Suspension, or Ban

I suggest doing so through your own Region.

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I have filed a complaint, but it has not been upheld. And they didn’t tell me about any violations. I myself have never broken any rules during the game, nor have I used any illegal software. Even if it is not unblocked, I also hope that the official can check the data and clearly inform me, at least I can know what my specific problem is.

No, they will not tell you specifically what software or other cheating method was caught. People who make cheating programs would love to know what Blizzard can detect so Blizzard does not share that information. They only tell you the general category of the violation.

So I, as a regular player who didn’t use any offending scripts, have no recourse? Or you just don’t want ordinary Chinese players who have lost their Chinese servers to continue playing on Asian servers or other servers