Windows 10 Antique Video Driver

I have complained to the Better Business Bureau.

Better Business Bureau.

Complaint filed against Microsoft and Dolby about Microsoft 10’s default video drivers recognizing a Dolby VIZIO TV as a old VGA 8 bit monitor. So my TV can not be used with HDMI quality sound and video due to poor quality Windows 10 Default Drivers.

Conspiracy of Microsoft with TV manufactures, Sound Card Manufactures, Video Card Manufactures, and related products manufactures since the release of DOS 3.1 and Windows 3.0.
Microsoft is trying to force me to buy a computer periodically and now a new computer that that will use a faster and newer processor then my intel i7 64 bit, 3.5 m speed processor to install Windows 11.
No monitory or replacement asked for this is filed only for information for the Better Business Bureau.

I need drivers for a Dolby VIZO TV - I registered at Dolby’s Web Site and asked for the Drivers.
I also contacted Microsoft about a higher quality Video Monitor Driver for a TV instead of their ancient VGA monitor drivers included with Windows 10.

Dolby and Microsoft have so far not responded to my requests.
Thank you.