Win7 x64 slow App and solution


My App has been working slowly for months, it’s a 5-6s delay that happens any time I request app to make any action. Changing tabs, click on “Play” button, on Settings menu took me around 5-6 seconds to execute. It seems to happen to Win7 x64 users.

The solution: go to Control Panel -> Internet Settings -> Connections Tab -> LAN Settings button and disable “Automatically detect settings” checkbox.

It worked perfectly to me :slight_smile: Recommend Support Team to write a troubleshooting article about this issue.


That IT IS WORK!!! Just incredible! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO Phrenetiko

For Russians:
Ребята найдите в “Панели управления” пункт/элемент “Свойства браузера” (с иконкой планеты земли), откройте там вкладку “Подключения”, дальше внизу будет кнопка “Настройка сети”, и уберите галочку с пункта “Автоматическое определение параметров”
Батл нет даже перезапускать не надо, эта штука работает в реальном времени, так что вы можете включать и выключать галочку и нажимать Применить, и пробовать переключать вкладки в ланчере, и вы увидите в реальном времени как эта отметка влияет на производительность клиента. Просто невероятно!


Found my way here due to the same issue bugging me for months as well. Thanks for the fix!

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MY GOD! Thank you so much!

Can confirm this also worked for me

It has been a few years. Love you dude!

thanks for this quick fix, my blizz launcher sped up tremendously, never was quick from the install, saves so much troubleshooting!

100 times thank you man, you just solved the problem that Support couldn’t. I’ve written to the support about this, and they suggested to me to: reinstall, clearing Windows App Cache, sending reports about Windows system etc. None of them worked - THIS worked PERFECTLY!