Will there be an Overwatch 2 Public API?

I am a companion app developer and I have developed community apps for games like Destiny 2 and Valorant.
I recently started playing Overwatch 2 (was a hardcore player of the first game back when it was released) and I immediately realized how suitable the game is for a public api and a stats tracker application. I checked the documentations page and saw that, out of all the major game IPs of Blizzard; only Overwatch is lacking an api.
So the question is; is there an Overwatch 2 api planned along the road? I would absolutely love to develop an app for Overwatch 2.


I too would be interested in this.

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I was literally just looking for the same thing! Blizzard please make a Public API for Overwatch 2!

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Many of us are waiting for an official API.
After also no Web Profiles are available, also Web Crawlers aren’t working.
Many Applications and Websites are currently Out of Service (also my apps…)

I would love to work with an Overwatch 2 Api

I’m working on a project focused on bringing stat visibility into matches and Overwatch is a big request. An API is really necessary to have assertive data.

I hope so, right now OW2 is NOT e-sport worthy. Should have released it with the game.

Yeah, it would be really nice to have some API for this game.

Not sure if many know, but all of the unofficial APIs also broke when OW2 was released.
Overbuff doesn’t even work anymore.

It’s a shame to see a lack of support for the community that actively wants to develop content for the userbase.

I really hope for this feature!
Not only live game tracking to see my own progress but also let us pull current hero damage stats and abilities