Will Pay You For D3 Stash

I have run out of Stash AND Inventory space in Diablo 3. All classes to level 70, paragon 626. It is preventing me from playing on the account. I even have a few unopened horadric cubes that I don’t want to expand, and I am worried about transmuting my legendaries, because I still want the items for equipping. Is there any way I could charge to my credit card account for a bigger stash, so I don’t have to buy the game again and run a side-by-side on my other computer for more space? I also want to know if the player wardrobe feature might be upgraded to pull items from all character inventories and all stash items, so that my items I had to store on other characters wouldn’t be too hard to seek through. I really want an inventory the size of my current stash for each character, because I’ve picked up a lot of really good rare and legendary items that I don’t want to part with. Stuff like blue thorns armor for necromancer, and transmogrify bonus white items to make my characters look unique and awesome. Thanks for your help!