Will old Diablo 2 items transfer to Remaster?

If Diablo 2 Remaster or Resurrected announced by Blizzard, Will old Diablo 2 items transfer to Remaster?

There is probably not be a remaster. If there is, it would be a whole new game, on a different platform (the new battlenet client, not this legacy one). So, I can almost guarantee no.

There is no official word on a remaster, and it’s likely not to happen. However, for the sake of this thread, it conceivably would be possible. A script to convert the character files from the current format to a new one would be a way to do that.

theres a 3000 player que to create games a lot are bots but also a lot of regular legit players too, People saying they wont are silly all they care about is $$$ and remaster would ez sell $80+ for classic and another $60 for LoD.

No items would not transfer lol

Nope, kiss your hacked items goodbye and wait for a new generation of robot to play the game for you.