Will make a topic everyday

will make a topic about this everyday and hope a blizzard rep sees it.

i work in a job that employs around 50+ people so therefore holiday notice or time off is required as much in advance as possible.

please give a reasonable timeframe of announcement before reset (3-4) weeks

will post on this same topic everyday to bring it up to make sure it gets seen.

They have to hold off as long as possible in case their stocks crash and they have to sell the diablo servers in a hurry.

That is why you can’t count on them pre planning the date of reset:(

Also you have to take into account they may have to fire 800 more people if it looks like next year the profit margin will drop a little bit… Meaning nobody at home to actually execute a reset :frowning:

Blizzard must be ready for any eventuality.

more people are at home meaning more game time for all blizzard games in general. they would have no problems for revenue if they were smart.

you basically just described blizzard as if it was a ‘‘walk in store’’ where you purchase things in person lmao

Yes and if I was smart I’d be rolling in money in California with a top model as a wife.

But life being what it is I’m not smart and nether is Blizzard