Will Bots Ever Be Addressed?

Will anything ever be done? I saw on a third party site, a player requesting a snap of the top of the ladder for “5fg” and then went on to brag and be smitten about botting and being toward the top of the ladder. I am SURE that 90% of the top of the ladder is full of cheaters. Do the rest of us really have to deal with the bots ruining the game for legit players? The guy who made the thread at the 3rd party site pretty much said, get used to it cause it’s part of the game and not going to stop. Is this true? Do we have to deal with bots for the rest of the life of this game? Public bragging about bot use? I’ve heard cheaters even justify it to themselve by calling it a different “style” of playing?

I mean, you can buy a shako for 15fg which is pretty much the equivalent of a few sundry D2 items and is symbolic of these times. This is a major problems for legit players who want to compete in:
a)the economy
b)the ladder
c) the game. how (profanity) annoying is it that cheaters dominate the game? IDGACare that some loser is lvl 97 and has 8x shakos that his bot grinded. What a loser for cheating, unfortunately my experience is impacted harshly by other’s cheating. Botting is ok in this game?

NOBODY (AT BLIZZ) APPEARS TO CARE MUCH. I’m tired of cheap words, I want action. It’s been bloody years and you still have people buying new copies of this game. Fix the bloody game and stop “acknowledging it exists, we are working on something” or whatever bs you’ve been spewing. I’m just incredibly skeptical because nothing ever gets done and the product is always compromised.

If you fix the bots, the game will become more popular (since people will have a reason to play. i.e. not competing against a program that never gets bored of grinding, makes human errors, picks up great items in pubs instantly, automatically chickens out when in danger, map hacks, or sleeps). These seem like acceptable advantages? LOL. WAKE UP!

The new economy is cheat or be marginalized and at a much lower power tier. There are no heroes (at Blizz) to protect you from this. Welcome to Bnet, where anything goes and the weak get walked on. I mean, at least the last ~5-6 ladder seasons have had these bots, if Blizz wanted to roll out a solution or a ban stick it could have been done long ago. The message is clear to me, time to look into botting or to accept a game where all items come easily and it’s not worth it to kill Meph more than ~50 times a season since the bots already have the gear for practically free. Also, the bots are the only ones competing on the ladder so don’t worry about that either. In fact, why don’t you just chase a Baal bot around until you hit about lvl 80 and get bored then you can make a new char .

This is not hyperbole, this is the actual jacked up state of this game. AND NOBODY CARES (except for a few people on this forum right here)


My thoughts exactly, Strolln. Keep fighting the good fight. Also, if you find out where the bot programs are please let the rest of us know so we can compete this ladder if we decide to try and play fairly (since there isn’t a chance anyone will get in trouble for botting, if you do get banned no big deal since it won’t happen soon and a new copy is just $20). Then we can actually play the game and not under great disadvantage.

Diablo 2 is a 20 year old game and part of the least profitable/least popular franchise they have. They’ve done several large ban waves, but they can’t keep up. Bots will always win. They don’t have a full time anti cheat crew like their newer releases.

I doubt bots will addressed any time soon, at least not until the day comes they are no longer working on War3:R.

All I can advise is if you don’t like the bots don’t trade with them and don’t bot yourself. The game experience is still amazing from running off only self found items. Playing with bots and complaining about them seems like a huge waste of energy and efforts.

If you don’t shop on JSP you have no knowledge of market. I highly advise if this upsets you don’t bot and just run self found characters its very rewarding.

There is a saying by Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid that I really like.

“You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference.”


I don’t want bots to go away.

Bot will be gone for a while when they move the game to the launcher, this is when I’ll be returning to bnet.

As long as the drop rates for high end items remain low enough to push your average player towards spending money for instant gratification, there will always be bots.

Why is this? The fraud triangle says that there is:

iii. rationalization

Currently, all three of these things are present. Can bots not be detected somehow? How are cheaters caught on Overwatch? At the worst, a captcha every once in a while would fix this, correct?

Incentive and rationalization will never go away so the opportunity needs to be quelched.

  • Can bots not be detected somehow?

Yes, bots can be detected in Diablo 2, however there are two problems:
1: Running Warden 24/7 costs Blizzard money in the form of extra bandwidth, a server farm capable of analyzing the data and of course the staff needed to handle it all. Since Diablo 2 isn’t exactly a cash cow for Blizzard any longer, they have to trim the fat from somewhere.
2: Even when they were running Warden, more advanced bots have the ability to detect when Warden is active and will either instantly terminate or prevent loading the bot.

  • How are cheaters caught on Overwatch?

Always active anti-cheat measures, which they must run because it’s still a game that makes them money and there are also tournaments played for cash prizes… You wouldn’t want some cheat winning that money.

  • a captcha every once in a while would fix this

I believe this would slow down the botting significantly.

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I’ve paid at least $20 dollars for this game at least 5 times. I spent $20 on D2 last year which is about as much as I spent on Overwatch. I see people actively in games. I would love to see a net revenue per year for D2 and some of their other games. Anyhow, if people are still buying the game does it not make sense to spend a bit of dev money at this point? Is Blizzard that tight and frugal on D2? Blizzard is cheap (except when they polish D3??? #cry #killmyselfnow) ?

They gaped the piggy bank so hard on D3 (and they made money) but boy was that game a steaming pile. Can’t they spend a bit on D2 that is still making them money? There customers would respect them more and be more likely to buy ALL of their products in the future.

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There are a few big problems with Activision/Blizzard continuing main-stream support for Diablo 2:
1: The absence of the Blizzard North crew, who created Diablo 2. Without them, you don’t have the same heart and soul put into the game.
2: There are reports that Blizzard ‘lost’ the original code assets for Diablo 2, which significantly complicates any major game changes.
3: Lets face it, Diablo 2 is OLD, it’s already had it’s heyday. The people who still play the game (myself included) are a cult following. There are much prettier RPG games out these days (Currently playing through The Witcher 3, which is awesome by the way) so Diablo 2 isn’t exactly “eye candy” to the majority of the gaming population.
4: Money, money, money! It would take a lot of money and resources to overcome the obstacles to make any major changes to this game that is not going to give a large return. This of course doesn’t look good to the shareholders and board members who want to keep their pockets lined. :slight_smile:

Fortunately they are continuing to provide minimal support for the game to keep it running on modern systems… Well, except for those running MacOS Catalina.

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Bots remove competition from a game that offers a player satisfaction in the form of competitive PvE grinding. Bots make the game totally meaningless. This bull sh** that drop rates arent high enough comes from people with an instant gratification mentality. You arent supposed to have top end gear in 2 months, its a journey. If you dont have the patients to grind find a new game dont ruin this one. This is the same problem with classic wow now. Thank you basement dwelling losers for continuing to ruin beautiful games.

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Thank you basement dwelling losers for continuing to ruin beautiful games.

Going to play Devil’s advocate here…

  1. People who legitimately grind for several hours a day to find items that upgrade their PvE characters for the sole purpose of being better at grinding for even more hours are pretty much basement dwellers.
  2. People that bot out number people that do not at this point. I personally do not bot, and when I find actual humans that play the game 90% of them turn out to be botters who come on to PvM “manually” and then log off to bot level and MF.

I think this is a pointless crusade on Diablo 2. MODERN games that people PAY SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR are plagued by bots. Just look at Blizzard’s cash cow, World of WarCraft. Chinese gold sellers, paid carries, rampant botting and automated rotation software (like mods). If they can’t fix it in a current game what makes you think it’s fixable in a 20 year old game? Stop QQing and just go play the game.

People who cheat are just spineless weak lazy and dumb… shouldn’t have to tolerate those when you can easily squash them with your boot likes ants using warden… actiblizz or should I say Bobby big bucks & co are way too cheap for that tho.

Yea, so if a billionaire doesn’t care why should we? I’m just saying… it’s a 20 year old game. If I want to play it I will and nothing is going to stop me unless the realms shut down forever.

it’s better to close the servers than let botters ruin the game.

even if nothing is done i love logging in to play d2. I don’t care about anything else. I have logged in on this game for over 17 years. Bots always been a thing, at this point its part of the classic game. I don’t care what they do.

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