Why won't Blizzard ban bots? And why do they completely ignore their existance?

The problem is about money. Diablo 2 currently doesn’t make them enough to warrant having a dedicated bot swat task force running all of the time.


I don’t care to hear guesses. I want an answer from the horse’s mouth. If you don’t have time to work on it and there is no plan to ever ban, let’s hear it!

I think the current team might be the worst yet. I think an hour a year gets spent on D2. Such a shame because they acted like they were going to be the team that actually supported the game.

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A guess, yes, but with applied logic and reasoning. Think about it, any business owner wouldn’t want a river of red ink flowing out the door. We’re lucky that they’re still running the Battle.net servers and keeping the game on minimal life support to keep it running on modern systems.

You, me and everyone else who still plays the game. Don’t count on that happening any time soon.

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Personally, I think it’s about active users. Bots run for hours and hours on end. This allows Blizzard to report to their shareholders a higher average user duration on Bnet.


It’s true, Blizzard does not care about their fans. Anyone thinking this mega corporation can’t afford a few employees enforcing the integrity of their servers, doesn’t understand or can’t fathom just how much money this company has, and how little they care for their community.

The Fans have asked on these forums for help and have been ignored for the past 15 years!

Truth is Blizzard’s only prerogative is increasing share holder value at any all cost, do they even respond to any of you online about this? It’s been asked a million times!!!

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Exactly this. I would pay 5-10 bucks a month if it meant keeping out the bots.


Maybe they have their own bots and maybe own some of these sites selling items…maybe thats the only way they are making money off a 20yr game and maybe only reason its still active. Ive read they lost the source code so no remaster or serious updates will ever occur agan.


The theory that Blizzard is in on running bots and running item selling websites is completely absurd and should be disregarded as tinfoil hat nonsense. For one, they would be violating their own end user license agreement and terms of service. Second, if they WERE engaging in this activity, I’m sure it would have been found out long ago, and it would have destroyed the following that the Diablo franchise still has. Third, it wouldn’t be lucrative… The amount of money they would make botting and selling items would not even amount to a peanut compared to the mountain sized piles of peanuts worth they make from WoW and their other games.

This is one conspiracy theory that I wish would simply die.

besides the fact that they could simply generate any item they want serverside…

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Lord of Destruction and Ubers are serious updates don’t you think?

Do you live by the same rules you expect of your guests when they visit your home? When people visit my home they are not permitted to touch many things, but I can touch them whenever I want.

I agree they aren’t using bots to sell items, considering they crushed the bots advertising those sites. But It’s possible Blizz receives royalties from jsp. All forum gold was originally purchased with real money.

This is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said. Clearly you’re not a business person who sells products. Blizzard sells a skin of Nathanial :rofl:. D2 items still sell on jsp in 10 second or less increments. jsp is the greatest loot box system ever created. Apple sells Billion$ in iPhones every year, but I can almost guarantee they’ve never sold a billion dollars worth of dongles. You think Heroes of the Storm makes more money than jsp?

That’s your opinion, and I respect that, however the reasoning behind my crowning achievement of a ridiculous claim is that Blizzard entering the item selling market would make the items even cheaper than they are. Consider the amount of competition from other bot users and sellers there are out there. The only time the item prices are across the board high is within the first few weeks after the ladder. Afterwards only a small amount of items hold a strong value, which are near to perfectly rolled and highly specific sought after items.

If they do make Diablo 2 or any future Diablo PC game a microtransaction pay to win game, that will be the day that I stop playing.

But that’s exactly what jsp has been doing for 16 years. I’m sure they sell a crap tone of fg at the beginning and end of each ladder. Jsp is pay to play and pretend to be good. :rofl:

They make money from botters. It’s quite simple.

Well yeah, with infrequent ban waves and the botters purchasing new key sets.

I’ve been reading botter conversations of youtube, there hasn’t been a bot ban wave in 3 years.

Well if this rumor about a remaster is true, hopefully they start putting significantly more effort to controlling the botting problem.

It’d be nice to find an item in game early in the ladder and it hold some value for longer than a few days…

Personally I think this is exactly what is wrong with the game. To many people play for item values more than they do for original purpose of the ladder. I enjoy a little bit of in game trading, but too many players make jsp a career.

I can see that we are both passionate about Diablo. I just hope that whatever changes that Blizzard has in store for the future of the Diablo franchise isn’t to turn it into the mind numbing bore of a game that Diablo 3 has become…

I can’t see it happening. I think they are just going to improve the quality of game play, have an anti cheat for about 5 years after release and maybe add some content, and likely have some harmless mtxies.

How I see the jsp model, it is the real problem with D2 and botting, and I honestly believe Blizz makes money off the botting/jsp model directly. I personally don’t have a problem with people using jsp, though I don’t use it. Bots hurt both ladder climbers and jsp item sellers. My enemies enemy is my friend. :wink: