Why the Download Speeds are so Borked

So I was racking my brain about this right? I get decent speeds but something was throttling them hard. I look in task manager to see what it is and what do I see??
“Blizzard Update Agent” taking 30-40mb/s of my bandwith?? meanwhile I’m only downloading my game, with nothing else downloading in the background just the SINGLE game, is downloading at 3mb/s.
Wtf is blizzard doing with my networks bandwith and why is it not going towards, idk, downloading the game?? Any explination for this bacause ive searched and cant find one. Would advise other’s to check this out as well because its actually sketch af!!

same task manger is showing they are using 30MB/s and the app shows im going at a blazing fast 2mb/s

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I have not been able to find a good explanation as to why these patches download as such slow speeds. I have to say it is very frustrating to log in, hoping to play, just to find out, surprise, a needed patch is downloading at about 3.5 mb/s. Similar to “BloodHeart” I too am seeing the same mb/s in my task manager. No other files I have ever downloaded do this, why only on Battle Net??? Do you realize how long it takes to download 20+ GB at 3 mb/s. Maybe if I had a little warning that the patch was coming I could long into the app early in the morning and then be able to play in the evening some time. I would really like to know why this is. I’ve seen many posts about this issue and no real good responses as to why or lets see if we can correct it…something. Again, frustrated with you Battle net/Blizzard.