Why make set that doesn't work on all classes?

Dear Blizzard why make set that doesn’t work on necromancer (Gloomguide’s Prize)? Can we at least add dash attribute to wraith?

How Falling sword is a dash skill and Wraith is not? lol

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I fully agree that wrath should be included.

The new gear set Gloomguide’s Prize states its designed for a necromancer but a necromancer as myself has no dash ability is this a mistake? Or am I missing something?

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More like designed to nerf necromancer ::smiley:

wraith form is both a “buff” and a “dash” and should be labeled as such. with this new set i believe it’s time to correct the label tool tip so that it can proc this bonus properly


Good response time what is this day 3 or 4 now?

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Yeah… I made post on reddit that got like 35k views 50 upvotes and like 120 comments… and also 0 response from Blizz team lol. Don’t think we gonna get some ::frowning:

Bump #di-bug-report #support-site-feedback #di-technical-support #desktop-app-tech-support #desktop-app-tech-support #support

Ya I got 4 peices and can’t use please assist

Why is #di-bug-report #desktop-app-tech-support #support #support-site-feedback #di-technical-support
Ignoring us? Maybe time to just refund the money spent considering they don’t care about us customers

Dude did u read about how they roll the Overwatch 2 peps? I think if they booted those dudes, we like have 0 chance on response XXD

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This is a BUG must be resolved, now gears comes with invocation there’s a chance you will get invocation that requires Dash Skill!! Wraith Form should add to Dash Skills ASAP. Otherwise those gears aren’t useful at all.

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