Why is the High DPI support feature not out of beta yet?

I only use beta so I can have the “high DPI support” feature, which for some reason is not in the non-beta version yet. I think it has been more than two years now. Can someone explain to me why it is not in release yet?

I feel like the high DPI support feature simply has been forgotten and left in beta, especially since the versioning is almost the same as of writing ( for release and for beta)

Any substantial information on the subject that can help me understand the reason behind the decision to keep the high DPI support in beta for this long is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:



I want to switch to stable version (is non-beta version really more stable?) but I need hi-dpi support. I know there are some tricks to use non-beta version in hi-dpi mode (part of) but why not the app just support it?

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