Why is the endpoints returning namespace with numbers?

After using the endpoint profile/user/wow, I get an object of endpoints. Some of them have numbers in their namespaces such as:

"href": "https://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/playable-class/1?namespace=static-10.1.5_50232-us"

Why is the parameter namespace returning static-10.1.5_50232-us? Why is 10.1.5_50232 part of the parameter?

When I try to use these endpoints with the access_token, they don’t work. Do I have to manually remove the numbers? They seem to work (sometimes) when I remove them and do a fetch with the access_token attached.

those numbers are not required but if you use caching you can use the game version number to see if the static data has changed you can remove them and use static-us only and get the latest version

It just seems like an unnecessary behavior without any explanation and you as the developer have to just figure it out. I’m sure I can just do a simple JavaScript string manipulation to remove the numbers in the middle, but I don’t like how they don’t give an explanation, unless I completely missed it!

yes, it was not mentioned anywhere but the urls they provide are examples for the info location i never use the version namespace when making calls because the normal type-region always gives the current data

I was just thinking of grabbing the endpoint directly from the response I get from the API and concatenate the access token at the end, but with this version namespace, I’m just going to have to manipulate the string and remove the version.