Why Im Just No Longer Playing OW

ive been doing my placements for everything in overwatch currently and place gold dps and gold tank but plat support at about 2800, thats good. in open queue i was 10 SR away from diamond and there was someone who was using walls and aim bot, we lost the game because they clearly had an unfair advantage and i lost 60 SR. i looked it up and on average people loose like 30 so why did i loose 60 SR to a cheater who even got penalized (blizzard sent out a taken action message against them) now ignoring that my friend wanted to do his DPS placements with me so i played on support to try and get that up, we lost a game and i lost 120 SR what the hell? everyone’s told me because its like a new account but thats not even fair to new players? this is so dumb because it will probably take over 5 games to even get back to where i was placed. why hasn’t blizzard fixed this BS yet?

Hey STDva,

This forum is for feedback on in the launcher application, not for any of the individual games. If you’re looking for advice/information on Overwatch, you’l want to post in the Overwatch forums.