Why have achievements that cannot be achieved?

I returned after quitting a couple years back - same frustrations that never changed - not anyone caring. This game is set up to be for players who play hours and hours and know all the tricks. the rest of us come in - try to play, get frustrated doing basic things - then leave again. I can only guess they like that player who tries again and again every two years vs the player who buys a monthly sub.

Case and point : Operation mechagon. you cannot solo it - not with my gear - and you certainly cannot find a dungeon or create a part (I don’t know anyone who plays this game. I used to - they all quit). So I thought I was level up and get some gear and do the dungeon finder to get better gear then I hit two walls - the witches satchel (my gear isn’t good enough to complete that quest which will somehow lead the gear I need to beat the witches satchel - so I gave that up. Then I tried Operation Mechagon - I cannot solo it nor can it get a group together to do it. So unless I wait for the next expansion - there is no chance of this happening. Blizzard is seriously confused when it comes to monthly subs. Why would any subscriber keep playing a game where he cannot progress? Am I supposed to spend hours reading boards to figure out that one in a million hole to get the quest done? I don’t have the time to play in a guild - I only have a few hours a week - maybe 10 at most. What I don’t get is why they took a quest line that was flowing and made you stop as you simply cannot get past it with crappy gear (witches satchel). They they made a dungeon you have to do to unlock the mechagnome - no one is doing more will join for any reason - as a gateway to unlocking. So I sat here thinking - why am I paying a monthly sub again? I can’t do the basic quest line nor can I unlock anything. Yes - get this gear - first unlock that thing you cannot beat to get the gear. what? you cannot beat that level. then …uh…I guess you should do pet battles! I am out.

let’s top this off with the category selector on this lame page - you cannot scroll down - it simple across the page after you scrolled a few topics. Does anyone at Blizzard use any of the tools or play the game?