Why even purchase Diablo 4?

If Diablo 2 still has 100x more bots than legit players… Why can’t they just ban accounts who use kolbot and pickit? Their actions to combat botting seems to hurt legit players over bots anyway.

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Would you be worried about a stain on the carpet of your construction work truck? No, that is not important. What is important are things like the engine or transmission.

Diablo 2 is the carpet on the floor of the work truck. WOW and other games are the engine and transmission. You are not going to spend money to replace the carpet of a work truck. Whether or not the carpet is in good shape does not change the functionality of the work truck. Fixing Diablo 2 will not benefit blizzard in any way and so they are not going to spend money to combat botting.

This in no way implies they would do the same thing in Diablo 4. If you refuse to replace the carpet on your work truck does that mean you will refuse to replace the head gasket if it blows? Absolutely not.

Diablo 2 has been in the rear view mirror for a very long time. Pretty much since WoW came out. Get over it.