Why dose blizzard still allow trolls in these forums

some are probably botters trying to deflect attention from themselves

I don’t see trolls, however I do see a lot of people upset with the high queue and bot situation along with Blizzards continuing delays on solving the problem. I can’t say I blame them, as I am also getting a bit disgruntled myself.


I think your idea of a troll and Blizzard’s idea of a troll are two very different things.

other way around bud im talking about the idiots that accuse anyone who is sick of blizzard attitude be accused of being a botter funny thing is i doubt botters have the same probs as me as they tend to be much more tech savvy than myself

Well all I can say is there are community tools to flag a post as trolling. Click the little flag below someones post for the available flagging options.

Freedom of speech big guy, they even allow you to make multiple posts about the same thing over and over asking the same question. They even allow this garbage post to exist. You are what you hate.

The Blue response here is faint that’s for sure. However actions speak louder than words and I don’t think we are being totally ignored. Just vetted. They are acknowledging some of the complaints in some of the posts and giving us the “we are aware and working on it” speech. Trolling is a perspective thing too for some it’s funny and wanted for others it’s annoying and unwanted.