Why Does Blizzard Support Botting

I don’t get why Blizzard is pro bots?

They aren’t pro bot, their hands are effectively tied to do anything further to combat bots. That’s what happens when the core part of the game isn’t updated as time goes on. The hackers have had 20 years to study the game inside and out and improve their bots while the core of the game remained the same.

Warden was a decent roadblock to stop the bots, but the hackers eventually worked around that as well.

If the game doesn’t evolve, the hackers win.


Yep eventually all the servers will be shut down and it will be dead just like what happened with Diablo 1

the modding comunity is the bread and butter of diablo 2 if you dont understand this by now you are willfully ignorant. Botting has very much improved game play and kept this game alive.

you do need to master the basics then learn advanced methods of play so any mods or bots add an extra layer of capiblity to your game play and not compensate for your lack of skill. I can still smash anyone on these forums 5-0 legit. amateurs practice until they get it right professionals practice until they cant get it wrong

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heres the problem bro your entering a game that YOU CANNOT WIN

there is always a work around

if you release ANYTHING to the public it will be disassembled / protocols reverse engineered. The only fallback you have is make it more difficult but its not impossible to counter it just makes the barrier of entry higher and there are people out there dedicated crackers who do it for fun :wink:

If you truly do not want bots turn off your wifi / cut your eth0 ethernet cord

problem solved

I think they ignore it because botters are the ones buying the most key sets. I also think Blizz gets money from fg sales.

And anyone who thinks botting is keeping the game alive is willfully ignorant. Bots are the reason there are huge mod and single player communities. Bots are the reason ladder is dead one month in. Bots are the reason for the queues, which are pushing the last of the legit players out.

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I must strongly disagree with you on your suggestion that Blizzard’s hands are effectively tied. I have seen private servers run 100 times better. They simply need to utilize only a small handful of people to a few servers to actually respond to the botting reports. Those moderators can then teleport to the reported player when online and easily determine whether the player is botting or not then instant ban the account in minutes… They can definitely afford to create these jobs. People would likely even volunteer… They are either too greedy, lazy, or both.

It’s called customer service, and currently they have shown me that they have none. This isn’t much to ask considering that we’re all paying a subscription. I’ve reported several bots over the past several weeks, and there has not been the slightest response to them and all of these bots are still active and happily grinding away.

Blizzard FAILS miserably when it comes to honoring their player base. Which is why people will eventually return to the FREE private servers that are much better taken care of with a little thing called human effort

I wouldn’t be surprised if they have even been dishonest about the number of accounts they have banned…

Very dissapointed.


I have no problems with you agreeing or disagreeing. Blizzard wants the legitimate players off of the servers for a reason. We are being weaned from the game, for better or for worse. Either way, change is coming.

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Why would they want the legitimate players off their servers? What good is the game when there are primarily only bots left… Their subscriber counts will dwindle to a pittance of what they could be and their business model failed… They just suck at this as far as I see it, so a more deserving host will win us over. They can have the 1 month my friends and I have already paid, but we will likely never trust Blizzard to be capable of managing a server again. They must feel too big to actually be any good anymore.

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Maybe to zero in on where these hackers are blasting the servers with code from?
Maybe zero in where the bot rings are?
Maybe because they’re tired of hosting the servers and are shutting the game down?
Maybe because they’re disbanding the old servers in preparation to switch to something new?
Who knows?

They could have just done another ban wave to rake in another ~$200K from bots purchasing more keys… But they didn’t, did they?

I think the problem with this, is that then botters will just run private games. Does Blizzard only want to punish bots that make public games? Sure, it would help the legitimate community overall; I say go for it.

At least people wouldn’t publicly be talking about their xyzbots (we probably all know the name of the popular one because they are talked about cause they’re so prevalent) or how to program them with impunity. Nobody even cares to admit that hey are hacking in game anymore cause nothing happens to anyone.

As a non-botter …try joining a mule game with more than 4 chars in 1 min or leaving a VPN on and accessing D2 …

make a script to detect the vpn on and create a rule set where d2 cannot launch if its a vpn is active

whats the problem?

So… if I have this right, you want regular gamers to write programs, or scripts, or what have you… instead of the game developer?

Correct me if I’m wrong, that’s kind of how it reads when you’re following this conversation.

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you are a computer user so sometimes its up to you to when necessary write small programs or scripts to circumvent human error.

Blizzard does not ban for vpns bliz does not ban at all they just restrict the ip address for 14-16 days. This is totally avoidable with basic programming to make a “lock down period” where d2 cannot be launched if a vpn connection is established. also you can just proxy d2 though a non restricted proxy and use that - oh they exist lol. it comes down to device / connection compartmentalization if such restrictions exist and they do.

if bliz did not have such systems in place why would we as a user need to write anything to keep us from launching d2 if a vpn is active? who is really at fault here?

also vpn restrictions only effect normal users like i keep saying there is always a work around.

So… as a “computer user” you should also be a “computer programmer” gotcha… That’s probably the most retarded thing I’ve heard all day and I just watched that new Kevin Hart special on Netflix. When you get finished software from a developer you shouldn’t have to write your own programs to make them work properly, you shouldn’t have to take down your computers defenses so that the program works properly, if you haven’t figured it out, that’s the job of the software developer… and there you go again, trying to look superior pulling out your false etymology for like 10th time today. If the masses call it a “ban” let the masses call it a “ban” you don’t have to be a genius to know what someone’s saying as long as you’re not an idiot. Who’s really at fault? Blizzard for not keeping up with the times and technologies that their users are ubiquitously utilizing.

If they don’t want to keep up, they fall behind. If they fall behind, they’ll go extinct. I’m not worried about it. Hell, I’m fixing to click logout and let you buttheads get back to debating whether or not the programmer you just bought a program from should program the software properly or if the end user should… because that’s a real winning argument there. (omg, I can’t fit all the sarcasm into these parentheses) but the REAL argument here is. On a daily basis they’re setting people up to fail left and right. Just look at the damn forums you’re trolling right now. Read those support posts, tell me that’s normal, tell me that’s ethical. Better yet, don’t tell me anything because i literally couldn’t be paid to care and I’m loggin out and maybe i’ll go play a game WHILE i’m connected to my VPN because before this latest Diablo thing, my VPN was on 24/7 and not once have i had an issue with a game… What does that tell you there? Because what that tells everyone else is BLIZZARRRRD SUUUUUCKS. Anywho, have fun acting superior to people!

Good Day!

Good Day.

Also, Good Day?

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I’ve not seen a spanking like that on these forums in years! :clap:t2:

some what yes
you should be able to read basic javascript / understand what a python script does even just to know if you should enable disable it from running

more advanced users can read c++ and have a deeper understanding

you dont have to because you can direct network traffic though applications down to the process: if you wanted to you could proxy firefox.exe -> vpn1 / chrome.exe ->vpn2 not a problem

that does not matter the only thing that does is results and i get them

things need to be standardized in syntax because it gets confusing or frustrating.

consider hes sleeping vs hes dead or the connection is banned (this means its perm shut down) vs temp restricted - totally different meaning

sometimes writing custom tools really helps

see you in 2 weeks

it has nothing to do with superiority bro i just have a lot of experiencing because i have encountered all of these problems before and solved them, we are not facing any new issues here

its our job as vet players with actual 20 years worth of exp in this game to help out the newer generations of players

Short answer: Diablo II bot killing is not currently worth investing into by the current owner Activision.

Even shorter answer: Not worth it to them.

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