Why does Blizzard hate real customers and love bots?

I can log on and see THOUSANDS of bots running non-stop cow, baal, diablo etc runs with absolute impunity. I log in one time with my VPN still on - required by my employer while I WFH because there is a global pandemic atm - and get a 2 week ban? That is absurd.
And there is no appeal process. Hundreds and thousands of threads in these forums over years and years of pure trash customer service and it’s the same answer it was more than a decade ago, “Don’t like it? Get [Edited by Blizzard].”
Don’t reply and tell me this is the best way to stop bots or hacking. If that’s the case it’s not working because your game is 95% automated runs where the bots are spamming gear buying websites. At least be honest come out and tell us you don’t GAF.

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This is insane, we have like 5 days with a lot queue, at least 3k. And no1 does anything.