Why do I keep getting temp banned?

I literally just want to play the video game. I’m not botting, I’m not using any third party stuff, I’m just making a game, playing for 5 minutes, getting “Your connection has been interupted”, and tempbanned for like 20 minutes. The best part is my character keeps getting rolled back, so not only am I missing out on the game, I’m losing loot I’v found.

I think its safe to say after 20 years, the botters aren’t going anywhere, and punishing legitimate players for nothing isn’t solving anything.


Happening to me today too. What is going on?!

Yup same here… Been restricted for 1 hour so far…


yep i got temp banned twice today. first was 20 min… now its been 2 hours. i dont fukin know. this is such bullshi

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This is the problem they are hurting players who play the game. I had no issue with the que times.

Want to hear the most frustrating part? Bots can be programmed to avoid this… Thanks Blizzard!


Is there anyway to tell them to fix this issue? And do you think they will fix it or is it going to stay like this forever?

It’s the result of them trying to fix the queues lol don’t put your hopes up

Still happening. Blizzard doesn’t care or this would have been fixed years ago.

Can’t wait for the remaster, so they can screw that up too, and ruin another classic.

It’s still happening? it’s been fixed on my end.

I think I’m also banned, for a unknown reason… I literally just play to play… I’m a level 42 sorce in 6 days, no VPN and still unable to connect after 3 full days.

Blizzard is such garbage these days. Can’t even enjoy the game that inspired me to become an animator. I hate blizzard now.

I have started getting the “Your connection has been interrupted” after a disconnect about every 60- 90 seconds in ladder games. This is super frustrating as it just started happening after the recent (Jul 22?) server reset. I am legit, no VPN, hacks or any of that stuff Just bought CD keys to play for the first time in like 15 yrs! this is really disappointing as I am a long time SC player and a huge Bliz fan. Any advice on why the connection drop keeps happening? Am I temp banned for something???

I’ve been banned for 4 days now. Maybe 5, I can’t remember. I just want to kick back and do some keys and mf runs. Maybe get to an uber. It’s been my go-to game after work since ladder reset. And they took that away too. Why? Cuz I’ve been a dedicated D2 PAYING CUSTOMER since 2002? That I’ve been paying for WoW since 2004 (minus a few months of hiatus here and there)? That I’ve bought and proudly collected every game released until Reaper of souls?

Seriously blizzard, there is absolutely NO excuse for ignoring your customer base on forums. Complete silence. No blue posts. No encouragement. No apologies. Just silence. This is how you treat your customers that helped you become a multi-billion dollar monster? You were nothing 25 years ago. Your customers got you here. And now you ignore them.

Absolutely pathetic.

You paid for the game. That’s it. They already have your money, so unless you continue to purchase more game keys, you’re not really a paying customer anymore.

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Not true. Being a paying customer has saved my accounts and my cd keys. I have multiple cd-keys on my blizzard account. My value on this forum is backed by being a paying customer and they cannot take certain rights away from me. It has also help regulate and authenticate issues in the past which in return rewarded me as any good business should do. If you have a problem and you cannot get it solved on the community forums then create a support ticket and wait for answers.

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Actually, being a private business, they can take whatever they own from you at any point, for any reason, or no reason at all. You have no rights as far as Blizzard is concerned. The only right you have is the right to not play their games. If you don’t like how they do things, don’t play. If they don’t want you to play, even if you purchased something, they can simply say “no”.

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What you have shared may not be true in all states nor provinces nor whatever district you so happen to live in. So long as a business has an office in the country that you live in, consumer protection laws are there to protect any client from questionable business practices. There are mechanisms in place to protect the consumer.

I am not saying Blizzard is engaging in questionable business practices. I do not think that it is. Providing us with over fifteen years of free access to a multiplayer version of a single player game is exceptional and I thank Blizzard for this.

What I am saying is that if and when a business does fail to provide the services that a client has paid for, then they may be entitled to seek compensation or for the business to be made to pay a substantial fine.

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Just keep in mind their TOS, as you are not paying for a product, but a license to run their software. https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/legal/fba4d00f-c7e4-4883-b8b9-1b4500a402ea/blizzard-end-user-license-agreement


Blizzard closed my Diablo 2 and LOD CD key secretly without giving any reason. I do not have bot, nor map hack. I contacted their customer service, and they say they can not help. Blizzard is cheating customer by banning CD key without giving any justifications. Will not buy any blizzard games in the future.