Why do I have to pay more?

Greetings, Blizzard!
Thank you for adding hryvnias to your store.
But why do I have to pay more than what is written on the price tag?
Price in the store in UAH. I pay in UAH.
Where did the double conversion come from?


Good afternoon everyone.

I can say that - this is a big fundamental (and not only) problem, an attempt to write off a larger amount from the card than indicated in the Blizzard store. It’s not even about the price increase. The price must correspond to that indicated in the store and without any “double conversions”, which actually exist and this is a fact. I think many will stop buying a subscription precisely because of the double conversion, since the money just goes into the unknown. The amount (which, by the way, changes) given for the “double conversion” at the moment is 22.93 UAH. And this is almost 1/10 of the amount, and this is almost 1 USD!

It’s a pity that Blizzard Support doesn’t know about the “double conversion” and claims me and (possibly) other players who (possibly) contacted support about our problems with the bank (Fees, hidden fees, currency exchange, etc.) Personally, I am very familiar with the bank and I know that there is no double conversion, no commission, and other hidden fees (especially if 4 different banks inform me about withdrawing the amount more than indicated.)

I hope this issue will be heard and will be resolved soon! Thank you for your attention!

Why in other stores, such as Epic Games Store, prices in UAH are real?
The price there is in UAH.
I pay in UAH.
I have as much UAH deducted from my bank account as it is written on the price tag.
Blizzard, why isn’t it the same in your store?