Why Did Blizzard not Keep TBC Classic and only Classic WOW

An Idea for WOW Classic and the rest of the expansions is for Blizzard to Keep 1-5 Servers going for Each Expansion. - The Less servers the better , you can add servers if needed!! :slight_smile:

For Example: Free Transfers to the 1-5 Realms

This will ensure: That there is a populated server where someone can play World of Warcraft Classic / World of Warcraft TBC / World of Warcraft WOTLK / Any other expansions that Blizzard chooses to RE-Release!

So for example: The 1-5 Servers will leave the server as ‘’ Populated with a que time to get into the game OR just no one is really playing it at all…

To Complete and make this reality:

Remove the amount of servers by sending each of anyones profile toons to the server of their choice to make this server ‘’ Full ‘’ or medium’’

Right now on WOW Classic there are so many servers online with ZERO people playing… If there were only 1-5 servers this would make the game have a server with a full ‘‘population’’

That is personally how I would have made it if I had a position with power at blizzard! <3

Just a suggestion for you guys!! :smiley: