Why Diablo 4 WILL NOT Replace Diablo II

Diablo 4 looks like it’s doomed to fail. From the re-imagined ugly Barbarian, to the “LoTR brown” wizard looking Druid, I’m not sure which I hate more. Here’s some huge issues with Diablo 3 that will surely infect Diablo 4.

  • No games lists. Can’t emphasize how bad auto queue is in Diablo 3, and how much it ruins choice and options.
  • Limited players per game. Diablo 2 had 8, Diablo 3 cut that in half which ruins the epic party feel.
  • Classic chat and chat channels. 20 years later they are going strong, while modern Diablo 3 chat sucks and is all but dead.
  • Lack of Diablo II spam play style. The modern direction of Diablo is based on cooldowns, limited abilities, removal of skill trees, and overall less fulfilling game play. Having builds such as Barbarian with different shouts and attacks, or Necros with multiple curses, summons, and attacks is what makes Diablo 2 great. Diablo 3 stripped and limited what you can do to “streamline” the game, making it suck horribly.
  • Removal of stats. Blizzard thinks we’re all retarded and refuses to let us stat our characters like a real RPG. This removes some funny builds and removes out ability to fail making the game less interesting.
  • Removal of hostile. This is probably the most popular and fun thing ever keeping Diablo 2 relevant for 20 years.
  • TRADES! Full Diablo 2 style trading of anything is a must. Diablo 3 was a disgusting attempt to rob us of our ability to have engaging trades.
  • Transmog. It’s stupid. It takes away epicness of actual insane and iconic items. Also, it’s fun in Diablo 2 to make godly characters with color themes. Transmogs also open the flood gates for cash shops that ultimately detract from the value of found items. “Costmetics” kill games when you have to pay cash to be unique or cool looking.

Anyway, Diablo 2 can’t be replaced. When Blizzard shuts down the servers we’ll just have to rally around a solid private community. I don’t trust Blizzard to create a real/good Diablo title. They have proven over the last 10 years that they have no passion, ideas, or integrity at game design. They are now a company that creates and sells monetization apps with famous Blizzard brand skins around them.


How could it replace Diablo 2 nothing will ever beat d2

True, Veovix.

@OP. That is a pretty good list, the multiplayer issues you point out are some of the same issues I have complained about in the D3 forum. You are right. If those issues aren’t improved in D4 then I would say that I don’t anticipate D4 to be great like D2. It’s crazy how backward D3 took multiplayer, total downgrade.


blizzard just dont get it… all we? want is them to fix the cheating in d2… you cannot replace d2… it’s one of the best games of all time. ruined by mismanagement and neglect. d3 sucked d4 will probably suck too… d1 was good… so good… i got 3 copies of d2 on day one at 80 dollars us each. and more than 10 more copies over he years. blizz refuses to fix d2… i suspect out of malice and spite towards he original creators. d2 is blizzard red headed stepchild. d2 paid for wow… you’d think they could spare a few dollars from wow to fix d2.

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Thorn, amen man. You are woke.