Why cant i login

why game no launch? Feels sus

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I have the same issue, all people.

“World server down”. I think my next subscription fee should be discounted

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Im in the EU, and as of today, Feb 21st, 2024 I tried to log in at 11:45 CET, all I get is a black screen. 2 hours later, and after doing some trouble shooting, STILL a BLACK SCREEN and Unable to log in. wtf? GG Blizzard!

Are you a Vodafone customer? They have an ongoing routing issue.

there must still be issues going on with the servers. I just dc’d 4 times in a WC, twice in EB and then a couple more randomly walking around

Hi Nicole. Ironically Yes that is my current internet provider. Im just an Expat living here, so I never experienced these problems back home. I had no idea there was any issues but I appreciate the heads up.

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