Why Blizzard/Activision’s Technical Support & Policies Are Terrible

Blizzard/Activision sells broken/unfinished products, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We request a refund or support to Blizzard to esolve the issues, only to become declined or brushed off, due to time spend troubleshooting the issues on our part being mistakenly seen as the little amount of “playtime” they allow before a refund can be declined via their terrible refund policy. I keep inquiring for a refund or support and none is given to me outside of the little that has already been given. Then, when you reply to their answers in the same ticket, attempting to either get a refund or more extensive technical support, they threaten to put penalties on your Blizzard account, which is downright disgusting. And what do I get from Activision’s support? Not a single reply. I will not buy any more Blizzard/Activision products for the rest of my life, as both companies are now as bad as EA and Ubisoft in my view, all of which I am boycotting and I urge you all to do the same. Blizzard/Activision should be ashamed of themselves as a company, as their policies are an insult to consumers, fans and loyal customers everywhere.


EA? UbiSoft* ?
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The same exact thing happened to me. Activision told me they cannot fix the game. Now any time I try to run the game it crashes my whole PC and Blizzard won’t provide a refund for the game due to “too much play time” even though that so called “play time” is from troubleshooting the game. The fact they are threatening to ban peoples accounts for requesting a refund is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If this is how they treat customers than they should not be aloud to conduct business. The fact that they will not refund a game that cannot be ran or fixed is by definition fraud and they can be sued for it. The fact that are able to get away with committing a crime and no action is taken against it is absolutely disgusting. I never plan on doing business with either company again and I suggest everyone else do the same.

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overall their support system sucks bad. 2 years ago it started going downhill.