Why are the supposed "dedicated warcraft3 team" not adding any of the features advertised on launch?

Ok so this game has been out for almost 6 months, there was an announcement 3-4 months back that there was now a dedicated warcraft 3 development team that was supposed to be bringing the features to the game that were supposed to be there on release.

Features such as “modern day” battle.net features
Player profiles
Player w/l records
Improved pathing
Arranged teams ladder
ANY ladders
new skins…

Its 2020 and you claimed months ago that you now have a dedicated team (why wasnt there one already?) and yet the team you have hired seems either grossly incompetent or incredibly uncaring, either way the recent patch, for nearly 5 weeks of work by the developers, is totally unacceptable. And for a remake of a near 20 year old game by a AAA developer to be so bad to begin with? Whats going on? The developer team you have hired are collecting paycheques to do nothing.

The state of Blizzard in the current day is incredibly disappointing.

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