Who is our community manager?

There is 1 guy who announces resets. 9 posts by PezRadar. But that’s not the community manager. There are no communications.

Community manager should be on the front lines, representing us, talking to us, sharing news and updates. If there aren’t any, then come forwards and say. “F-you Diablo 2 fans. Nothing for you. Ever. Stop asking”. Then we will stop asking.

I fail to understand how hard it may be for a company with 1000’s of employees to have 1 dedicated person to communicate with thousands of active D2 players.


Simple they only care about money. GREEDY GREED GREED GREED! ALL YOU WANT IS OUR MONEY!


Old game is old. None of the original team is still with Blizzard…NONE of them. Assuming anyone still working on/for D2 is probably there as a punishment or some kind of probationary position.

Accept D2 for what it is now, because this is all it ever will be. If you’re genuinely not enjoying the experience, maybe time to move on…it IS a +20 year old game at this point…

They don’t care about Diablo 2 fans. The new titles are nothing like D2 and they are clearly going a different direction.

If D4 is a D3 reskin I hope a lot of people don’t waste their money on D4. The only way to get through to their dense heads apparently is with dollars. Otherwise, they don’t give any cares about the opinions of forum users.

Just think about this, did you have more fun with PoE or Diablo 3? A similar amount maybe? Well PoE was free. You could have easily gotten Torchlight, Grim Dawn, and Wolcen for the cost of D3. Well, your D2 fans bought it this time but I hope that changes when they release D3 again and call it D4. There’s no more coattails (of D2 and the Blizzard name - which I’ve lost A LOT of trust in the latter after D3) to ride on this time, people have played Diablo 3. Let’s see how you all do releasing more Diablo 3 garbage.

If they don’t give a sh*t about Diablo 2 and don’t want to spend some money maintaining all that stuff, they should open source the game and the server code, give people ability to host their own and manage all that, fix their bugs, etc. etc.
I’m pretty sure a lot of poeple, even if diablo 2 is old, might actually start working on it. Personally, I wouldn’t spend time fixing stuff, but would definitively host a server of it, even a small one.

Maybe this way we would be able to remove some stupid rules about character expiration and eventually our characters wouldn’t be wiped out from a server, without notice and with an answer from the maintainer about an eventual bug and if he can recover our chars or not.

Blizzard seems to be filled with incompetent people.


There are many people who would love to do this job I bet, think about anyone who does care about d2 and would love to have it become better aswell.
I’m not so sure about what you’re saying there.

What do we need a community manager for?
The problem is how toxic things are getting (in my opinion). Lots of players are staying to bot and make imaginary currency; they wouldn’t give two craps if a community manager said anything because they are going to carry on botting anyways. If Blizzard pulled resources it would be “devs vs hakkurs” and that’s never a good situation on a game with 20 year old code and very few original folks left that are capable of even working on it with a passion. (at least that’s my excuse for justification, anyone with some time and skill can really make changes) Any engineer worth their time would probably not be placed on a Diablo II team unless they really wanted to be there.

You can see updates on Diablo II and there have been many fixes in the background. Lets consider that Diablo II is not really making money. Sure you can buy 5,000 d2 bots with CD keys but that’s a drop in the bucket in comparison to WoW, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and even Diablo 3. It’s in my opinion essentially a passion project that’s still around because of fans like us.

I think a community manager would get quite bored with the constant complaints about how they got banned for botting. What do you say after the five thousandth complaint from obvious botters? Community management won’t fix anything in the long run, look at dead/dying games and how many of them attempted to revive their community with a manager. They were/are basically helpless without constant communication with a dev team and hype around the game itself.

Lets say there are around 15k legit players still actually playing the game on battle.net, they all buy a copy of LoD and nox; that’s about $300,000. i’m not sure what the wage of developers are, but add a community manager into that mix and it does not make any sense. You have server costs and more to consider also (an entire IT team).

Anyway aside from that, there are other communities out there (such as MetaDiablo [where I am an Admin]) if you’re looking to get involved with the community on a deeper level. We are trying to make a positive Diablo II community with MD, and pep it up with more things that we can make in our free time (tools and more).

I think it’s safe to assume that without them directly saying it, Blizzard is working on Diablo II and fixing big issues that happen to expose themselves. I’m not sure the about the botting issue; but again, there are other communities out there!


lmao community manager?.. blizzard couldnt manage to open a box of cereal


I don’t think YOU know what you’re talking about kiddo. Nothing I said was fiction or dishonest.

It’s not a question of someone “who would love to do this job”…Blizzard isn’t going to divert any resources to a 20 year old game when they’ve got so many coals in the fire already. The fact that the old bnet server is still hosting D2 is in itself the only fan service blizz has to do for a game this old with such a small player base. factor out how many bots are running and the actual player count is under 15k…probably even under 10k.

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For Diablo 2 there is no specific Community Manager assigned to engage with the forums.

For a while there were zero people at all in Community for the whole Diablo franchise. Cydra is a CM for Blizz on other games, who filled in as needed to post things for Diablo.

PezRadar is the new Community Lead. Under him will be Community Managers and Associate Community Managers.

I don’t expect there will be much communication here from them other than Ladder Resets or posts about specific issues - like it has been for years.


or posts about specific issues

Oh really ? Then what do they have to say about the characters removed for no reason ?

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I heard Michael Scotts is now a manager at blizzard


The people don’t like the truth.

edit: and seemingly don’t like reading long posts lol

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you think they would give us fans/players what we want. i am beginning to see why the original team is no longer apart of blizzard. Diablo 3 is garbage and diablo 4 will be even worse. They completely ruined the game Diablo 2 will alway’s be greater than any newer crap

Diablo 3 was a money grab developed by a hack team that quit only a year or so after its release… Diablo 2 Dev team Aka Blizzard North was a small company that dedicated itself to the game and idea of the Diablo universe after they scored a win with Diablo 1.

The irony in the legacy for Diablo is that the original source code was “lost” meaning that Blizzard couldn’t just take that and make whatever crap they wanted using the creativity of the North. It was like they had hired a famous artist to paint them a picture but then left them with only the portrait and no way to ever duplicate his masterpiece…


What a good, clear comment, Would you please represent us? :star_struck:

Hello MissCheetah

I would like to help out on these forums and add to the community.

Please tell PezRadar I want to be apart of the team.


ZERO PEOPLE for the whole dia franchise obviously not the forums as its mostly the same complaints for 10 years

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You already are part of the team! I am a player just like you are and can do exactly the same things you can. My text is green as part of the Customer and Technical Support MVP group which I have been in since 2013.

If you want to help, just focus on helping out other players with up to date info, game explanations, links to support resources and websites, etc. Be fair, don’t get into conflicts if you can, follow the code of conduct, and try to use good writing skills. You don’t need to be green to do that :slight_smile:

If you want to apply for a job with Blizzard you would want to click the Careers button on the website and search through those for one you think you are qualified for. The Diablo franchise will be hiring more members of the Community support team (Assistant Community managers, etc.) as more games in the franchise come out. Diablo Immortal should be next with D4 some years after.

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