Which was your first class in Diablo 2?

I’m kinda curious to know which class was the overall most appealing in the early 00’s and overall most fun to play before Paladins and Sorceress took over due to efficiency factors.

In my personal case my first class was a Necromancer that was really badly constructed (this was before LoD came out), with a random crossbow, skill points and attributes expended everywhere and really crap gear, and due to the frustration of constantly dying i just dropped him to try the Barbarian since my 12 yo me found him really badass XD.
I was still performing like crap but not in such a horrible way as i did with the Necromancer, it was a bit more intuitive to build and my first thoughts were looking for specific attributes such as life and mana leech and strength, and oh boy did i love WW, when i finally got to the cows level can’t even mention how many hours i did expend there spinning like a retard XD.

But after that and specially when 1.10 came out he’s been one of my last characters to build since there’s not so many things in which he shines on it’s own, probably a gold farming build is worthy but due to the time it takes to get those specific items it’s never been my first preference since then.

Hi Xathyr!

I think the very first one I tried was Barbarian but it’s been so long I can’t remember too well lol. I know that I never beat the game fully in vanilla, but played it a lot when the expansion came out. These days I like every class and they are all pretty fun to play. My favorite is probably the Druid or Paladin right now. :slight_smile:

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Barbarian was my very first true try of a play through, I put his skills and stats all over the place, it was so unplayable in hell. I had to download: Jamella’s Diablo II Hero Editor in order to reset my skills. At the time I was to discouraged to start over, since it took me so long on single player. I convinced myself it was okay resetting my skills and stats, since i didn’t give me any more or less then i should have. I was then able to complete it. Coming from Diablo 1 where cheating / editing was everywhere, it didn’t seem to extreme.

Now days my favorite is Trapsin.

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For Diablo II, my very first class was a Paladin. I liked the idea of being able to buff my allies (or debuff my enemies) with auras.

After playing a Sword/Shield Warrior in Diablo I, it also felt like the most natural progression in II. That said, I later switched to Barbarian, which I loved, and when D3 came out I put over 400 hours into my Barbarian, while my Crusader has far less…

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barbarian. leveled to 26 and then got hacked for all gear but a rusty sword.

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my first class in D2 was the barbarian because of playing in the stress test where it was the only option

same as the warrior in D1 before I bought the game I think I tried out the demo

Necromancer. Skeletons everywhere. I never buffed them :rofl: just put all skill points on summoning stuff. No mastery’s lol. Crap wand probably. Oh manI did have fun. Then I switch to a ice orber. Much better dps and more versatile. My older brother was way more into it then me at the time. I played for fun while he was competitive. After a while I learned how to get the gear. Do rune words and what not to make my crappy characters a bit better. Took me like a year to get to a some what pro player level. Now 21 years later I hardly know anything. And with this ip ban stuff going on I’ll never know. And trapsin are the shizz. So much fun just summoning tons of traps and watch everything die. Baals minions plus traps. Lol